Think Solutions offers training based on the Effective Persuasion (EP) Method. This system was developed in Singapore and field tested by over 1,000 startups. It was developed based on the latest neuroscience discoveries and incorporates advance psychology.  The available programs are:

  • Effective Persuasion for Start-ups and SMEs
    - For SME business owners and entrepreneurs
    - How to craft powerful presentations for sales & marketing or fundraising.
    - Includes presentation planning, design and hands-on practice.
    - Participants acquire core skills and scientific know-how to be persuasive.
  • Effective Persuasion for Sales
    - For business owners, start-ups and executives who do in Sales & Marketing.
    - Addresses the "missing link" in many sales systems, which focus too much on processes and ignore the psychology of sales.
    - Participants learn how to craft compelling presentations and execute it confidently.
  • Effective Persuasion for Leaders (Train The Trainer Programme)
    - For leaders within the organisation, who need to teach and guide their own teams.
    - How to craft a powerful presentation.
    - Participants are trained in the science of EP and also given a curriculum to train their in-house teams.
  • Effective Persuasion for Competitions
    - For startups participating in incubator-sponsored competitions, business competitions or Demo Day events.
    - How to craft a winning presentation for competitions
    - Includes presentation planning, design and hands-on practice.
    - Participants acquire critical skills and scientific know-how to design and deliver a "Wow!" presentation.

Our Services

Think Solutions provides the following services:

  • Executive coaching for C-Level Management, Directors and Executives.
    - 1-to-1 private coaching to help executives and top performers to identify their glass ceilings and break them!
    - Based on techniques from world-renown Coaches Training Institute (CTI), internationally recognised coaching school.
    - Incorporates the new science of energy psychology for faster results.

  • Keynote & public speaking engagements.
    - Amaze and educate your audience with the latest industry discoveries on:
      - The science of human persuasion
      - The secret to creating your successful start-ups
  • Professional business competition judging.
    - Fred Then is often invited as a judge to evaluate start-ups and provide valuable feedback.
    - He shares his experience with the start-up organisations or incubators so that they create impactful events.