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    Fire-walking gives you a great high, but it certainly doesn't guarantee change!
    Serious organisations want a deeper and lasting change.
    Are you serious?

  • 97%

    Of employers highlight the importance of soft skills to commercial success


    Rise in contract work. This is the new long-term career option. Are we armed with the right soft skills to compete?


    Of the workforce will not have the relevant skills to be competitive in their current workplace

    >12 months

    Being above 50, that next job will take longer to find.
    How are you relevant to your next company?

  • How We Do It

    Tested on over 4,000 start-ups & SMEs, we know the formula to higher performance

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    Performance is a mindset game

    The limit isn't what you know, it's what you believe.

    An analysis of SMEs & Start-ups which participated in Singapore start-up & business grant schemes revealed that the causes of business failure were:

    - Not financial nor availability of support
    - Not the quality of the business plans
    - Not environmental factors

    One key contributing factor to business failure was the mindset of the leadership.

    Business leaders with a Growth Mindset and who are highly resilient, aka gritty, are better leading predictors of success.
    At Think Solutions, we measure and help you to build new mindsets!

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    It's all about science, silly!

    Neuroscience is the "new" tool that helps us to get better, faster.

    The rapid progression of neuroscience has kicked open the door to better human performance. At Think Solutions, our studies in the mind-body connection, have yielded new tactics and strategies that deliver dramatic improvements even with average performers.

    Our programmers are conducted by certified coaches with years of industry experience. By adding just 1% improvement across multiple areas, it results in 20%-30% better overall performance!

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    Practise. Practise. Practise.

    Hard work never killed anyone. At least we haven't had any complaints so far ...

    When asked how many sit-ups he does in a day, Muhammad Ali said:
    " I don’t know because I don’t start counting until it hurts ."
    The harsh truth is that it's through practice that we achieve a high degree of competency. A great concert is the result of years of practice. It's the same in business!

    Think Solutions training sessions are heavy on experiential, supported by scientific findings. We believe in doing it before talking about it!

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    Design Thinking For Business

    Design Thinking For Business

    2 Days Workshop
    Led by Fred Then, 1st Director of Entrepreneurship Trg (NTU) & certified CTI Co-active coach.
    - Design Thinking is already yesterday. The next wave is Co-Design, combining the power of experts with the wisdom of the crowd (users).
    - This experiential workshop takes participants through the basics of Design Thinking before introducing to the advance concepts of Co-Design.
    - Co-Design was created by Dr Liz Sanders (US), a pioneer who worked with global Fortune 500 companies.
    - Participants will impress with their new ability to think out-of-the-box thinking!
    Coming soon
    Effective Persuasion For Teams

    Effective Persuasion For Teams

    1 Day Workshop
    Using the latest neuroscience and performance psychology research, Think Solutions developed the Effective Persuasion Method.
    You don't have to rely on charm and looks to be persuasive! By applying these principles, you can be persuasive in speech or on paper!
    Led by Fred Then, 1st Director of Entrepreneurship Trg (NTU) & certified CTI Co-active coach.
    Coming soon
    Creating New Mindsets For Success

    Creating New Mindsets For Success

    1 Day workshop
    So what does "rise above it" mean?
    A 3 year observation of SMEs and Startups revealed that success or failure was a direct result of the mindset of the team or the business leader.
    Based on the ground-breaking works Dr. Carol Dweck (Mindsets), Dr. Angela Lee-Duckworth (Grit Factor) & Dr. Joe Dispenza (Evolve The Brain), this hands on seminar looks at the limiting beliefs that stop us & allows us to introduce new beliefs that power us to our next goals.
    Coming soon