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    Time to build the new you!

    Firstly, we're all organic computers with the same hardware.
    You have the same potential as any couch potato or Olympic athlete, the difference is the software, silly!

    But oh no! (Some are already protesting) There are the circumstances & environmental factors that definitely contribute to the way my life is turning out. Ok, let's go down this rabbit hole :)


      Howard Schultz

      Starbucks. Worth $4.6B

      Howard grew up in a housing complex for the poor and yet, he was wanted to be & do better. He took Starbucks from 11 to 28,000 stores!
      Until today, he still identifies with the fact that he grew up poor.

      Do Won Chang

      Forever 21. Worth $3.3B

      In 1981, he & his wife immigrated to America from Korea. With no cash & no connections, he worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. 3 years later, he saved enough to open his first small clothing store. This started the breakthrough leading to Forever 21 empire of over 700 stores.


      Chow Yun-Fat

      13 Best Actor Nominations. Worth $718m

      The son of a vegetable seller & a cleaning lady, living on a farm without electricity. Before acting, he worked as camera salesman, taxi driver, postman & bellboy. Today, he has won 4 Best Actor Awards and a ton of nominations.
      Despite being a multi-millionaire, he spends $3 a day & intends to give 99% of his wealth to charity.

    • So ...

      People in worse circumstances & starting with less, have done much more. Mmmmm.
      • Isn't it time you rise above your circumstances and situation?
      • Isn't it time for you to rise above the reasons and excuses?  
      • Isn't time it time for you to stop being a victim and start being a victor?
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