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Sri Lanka Business First Program

Joint Project with the Council For Startups

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The Council For Startups & Think Solutions (Singapore) are proud to announce our joint collaboration to support the Entrepreneurship (new startups) & Intrapreneurship (SMEs) efforts in Sri Lanka. Imagine finally accessing the best kept secret practices of top US & Asia incubators. Our programs will comfortably put this within your reach.

The curriculum has been successfully developed and deployed by Mr. Fred Then CPCC ACC, the Director of Entrepreneurship Training, previously from NTU Ventures under Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. This Singapore programme raised startup and SME success rates from 3% to 30% within 6 months. Together with the Council For Startups, we intend to bring this hands-on curriculum to accelerate our country’s business progress.
Our aspiring citizens and local companies can, via our programmes, learn the secret strategies of pivoting and profiting, during the current situation. You will realise that the programmes are effective because they are based on successful practices and strategies from the Singapore ecosystem, which is voted the World’s Most Competitive Economy (2020).

  1. Business First Certification 
  • This programme is a business viability assessment initiative to help startups & SMEs to raise capital. By using a proven, data-driven approach, it accurately gauges the business potential of any startup idea or local SME.  
  • The startups & SMEs undergoes rigorous business validation process and gets their new startup ideas or current business potential rated for loans or investment viability.  
  • The certification has a high trust factor with financial institutes & investors because it is carried out by a neutral party, Think Solutions (Singapore), and is data-driven. 
  1. Business First For Startups  
  • Aspiring Sri Lankans with can participate in this 8 week programme that helps them build a viable local business from their business ideas. 
  • Successful graduates of this programme can quickly launch their own business.   
  • Successful graduates are introduced to financing opportunities from supportive local or international agencies. 
  1. Business First For SMEs 
  • Sri Lankan SMEs (3 years and older) selectively supported by our 8 week programme that re-designs their current business models. These re-designed business models allows them to quickly grow domestically and regionally, despite the COVID. 
  • The Intrapreneurship approach of the programme helps local SMEs to identify their unique value propositions and helps them identify new markets with vigorous demand. 
  • Successful SMES are introduced to financing opportunities from supportive local or international agencies. 
  1. Business First For Social Enterprises  
  • This programme upskills our important social enterprises that have been supporting the marginalised groups within Sri Lanka.  
  • We will provide Mindset Shift training, which is the critical (but missing) success element that helps people create their own successes, rather than depending on handouts or grants.  
  • Successful candidates will be offered places in the Business First For Startup Programme, which can help them create and build their own small businesses.  

Regardless if you wish to participate or support these programmes, register your interest here:  

Or you may contact us directly:

Name: Channa Fernando